Rocky Topped 41-17!!

It’s ok to cry Erik. I would too if Nick Saban forced my coach into submission.

It was an amazing game. Not only did Alabama beat the Vols, we CRUSHED the Vols. I’ve seen plenty of smack talk coming from the orange nation, so this victory is all the more sweeter. Plus, we have a bye week, so we can gloat for an entire week and not have to worry about LSU. Nick Saban improves to 3-1 against Phil Fulmer, starting a new daddy trend.

Quotes of the game:

  1. “I was walking up the tunnel and I looked at (a teammate) and said, ‘That’s the last three points they’re going to score. It’s kinda scary, knowing you have the ability to make a statement like that and uphold it.” — Wallace Gilberry
  2. “They weren’t covering [D.J. Hall]. I don’t know what they were doing.” — John Parker Wilson
  3. “We practiced really well this week. Maybe we need to practice crappy and play better.” — Phillip Fulmer
  4. “When you challenge somebody to do their best, and they do it, and you see how happy that makes them … I don’t think I’ve ever seen them happier than they are today.” — Nick Saban choking up

Pass around the victory cigars!


3 Responses to “Rocky Topped 41-17!!”

  1. don Says:

    I am tired of loosing. The football program is getting to be nothing but a embarrasement for the school and the state of TENNESSEE.

  2. ghostofneyland Says:

    Shaking my head.
    I don’t really know what to say.

  3. TideDruid Says:

    It’s ok Ghost, I did the same thing when we lost to FSU.

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