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I was going to provide you with Part two of my “Battle of the Coaches” mini-series thingy, but certainly conflicts have come up, causing me to ignore the posting hobby for the afternoon. I’ll try to have that Battle post up tonight or tomorrow morning.

While I have some free time, I felt that I should give you some articles and blog posts that should hold you over.

OTS at provides us with a question; Who should we hate more: Auburn or Tennessee? You may find his answer interesting.

Newspaper Hack discusses Saban’s choice to not drive our players insane by refusing to play Rocky Top non-stop. I happen to agree with him. If you need backwoods mountain music to hype you up for a rivalry game, you have something wrong with you.  

Speaking of Auburn, Joe Blow of If Pigskins Could Fly heard my battle cry against the scheduling of the Third Saturday in October game and decided to do some investigative blogging (AKA Googling). He provides a pretty sound answer.

Want to see Alabama and Tennessee fans finding new levels of trash talking? Check out Third Saturday in Blogtober.


One Response to “Recommended Reading”

  1. wescrimson Says:

    TD, playing early in the “Vandy” 11:30 AM time slot sure is a lot better than playing in the “Hawaii” 8 PM time slot.

    At least by playing early, the Tide fans will have most of the day to celebrate their big win. After an 8 PM game you cannot find anyone awake at midnght to update on the final score without getting arrested for disturbing the peace.


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