SEC Power Poll: Week 7

One more week of football in the history books means another ballot in the SEC Power Poll. As always, please remember to visit Garnet and Black Attack Tuesday morning to see the poll results.

1. LSU

Still the most talented team even if they lost on Saturday. Les Miles might even lose two in a row, which would have the Tiger faithful rethinking their anti-Saban ways.

2. Kentucky

Kentucky went from being “Oh, how nice. Kentucky might win 9 games” to “KENTUCKY IS A CONTENDER! REPENT! REPENT! THE 5th HORSEMAN THAT IS RICH BROOKS IS COMING FOR OUR SOULS!”

3. South Carolina

Smelley and the Blowfish keep on keepin’ on.

4. Auburn

They helped to set back the forward pass 40 years, but they did enough to win the game. I imagine Tubby will be giving Lester fits in Red Stick come Saturday night.

5. Florida

Rough off week for the Gators after that tragic loss of life. God bless his family.

6. Tennessee

Erik Ainge is freaky accurate this year. Color me worried (which is my normal face…. but with a worried expression).

7. Georgia

The first part of getting back on the horse is to put one foot in the stirrup. A win is a win fellas.

8. Alabama

Saban and company got out by a thread. Still, Saban is now 5-1 against Ole Miss, and I get to enjoy 4-0 record against them in college. Not too shabby. Next week is HUGE now.

9. Arkansas

They’ve lost 2 games towards the end by a total of 5 points. Ouch.

10. Mississippi State

Don’t stop….. believin’

11. Vanderbilt

Too bad an interesting game had to be over-shadowed since it went up against LSU @ Kentucky and Auburn @ Arkansas.

12. Ole Miss

Fans threw stuff and a Bama assistant coach might have been punched in the face. AKA a normal day in Oxford for the Coach O.


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