Alabama 27-24 With Other Thoughts


Well, that was certainly exciting, horrifying, and confusing all at the same time. Hats off to the Rebels.

Coach O and company should be proud, they played a heck of a game (especially in the 2nd half). Seth Adams and John Parker Wilson both looked good and bad at times, with both offenses racking up plenty of yards.

Our defense looked awful at times, but they ended up helping us to win the game with 3 interceptions. The Ole Miss defense did not look good in the 1st half, but they appeared to have figured us out by the end of halftime (minus that fumble in the redzone).

Am I happy with this win? Well, yes and no. I am always happy to win, especially on the road with a 4th quarter comeback against an SEC team. However, we really didn’t see any huge changes in consistency. Ole Miss doesn’t have a back breaking defense, so we’ll see how we do against Tennessee this next weekend.

I would say more, but I have a life to live, ya dig? Let’s enjoy this one over the weekend, and get hyped up for The THIRD SATURDAY IN OCTOBER!!!! Roll Tide!

All that you know is at an end


2 Responses to “Alabama 27-24 With Other Thoughts”

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    brilliant stuff ,. good match i saw it , it cant be better than this

  2. SEC Weekly Wrapup Says:

    […] Alabama 27 Ole Miss 24. Bama had to rally late to pull this one out. The Rebs had the ball at the Bama 4-yard line with seven seconds left but it was ruled that he stepped out of bounds. Without instant replay the outcome might have been different. Get ready for the third Saturday in October. […]

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