See You in Oxford

So tomorrow is D-day in the state of Alabama. Bama takes on Ole Miss at 11:30 am, Auburn takes on Arkansas later that evening, and this whole Hoover situation will be there for the public to view.

In West Alabama, people are gearing up for the battle against Ole Miss in Oxford Mississippi. If Alabama is going to win, we HAVE to come out strong. We have more talent and better overall coaching that OM, but our guys may be lacking something that every team needs in order to win: confidence. If we get behind early, we could be in for another stressful day. Don’t discount the Rebels either. True, they have a bad record. But, they have been able to hang with the tougher teams on their schedule to date. Their defense is beat up and weak, which might be what the doctor order for Bama. Expect a tight game, maybe a 3-6 point game.

I’ve heard the pundits take on Auburn vs Arkansas, claiming that the Hogs will win this one. While I think Arkansas can win, I don’t think they will win. The situation surrounding Houston Nutt alone would make me stick with the Tigers on this one. But, Arky has a rather suspect defense that tries to pull off man-to-man way too much. Cox isn’t going to set the world on fire, but he is capable of hitting his marks if his team mates are on the same page. I suspect the Tigers will win by about 7-10 points.

Hoover seems to be heating up, with people pointing fingers in many different directions. I will say this: if a college is involved, it wouldn’t completely shock me. But, there are those out there who seem to be willing to start a cheating accusation war. Certain people on one side seem to be willing to accept that since they feel they can’t be touched after some of their most recent scandals resulted in nothing more than a news story.

I’m not naive enough (or self righteous enough) to think that there is a team out there that does not cheats. It’s wrong and upsets me to see people bend the rules to their liking. But, there are those who make it their job to seek out whatever they can that will get the rival team in hot water. Of course, they end up looking like hypocrites when they try to pass the blame to somebody else once their team ends up under the gun. It’s frustrating to watch this battle go on yearly, especially in this state. People are so blind on both sides, they choose to believe what they want to believe. They are nothing more than cowards on both sides of this cheating argument. That’s all I have to say about that, it makes me want to puke. Why? Well, I’m a man! I’m 22!

Oh well, enjoy the games and Roll Tide!


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