Q & A With The Hotty Toddy Blog


I am back! Well, The Hotty Toddy Blog (Ole Miss) has been gracious enough to offer a Q & A exchange to discuss the Alabama @ Ole Miss game. Here are the questions I asked him:

(1) Seth Adams is still relatively unknown in the SEC. What should we look for when he lines up under center?

Adams is a stable QB. He has great pocket presence and is smart with the ball. He isn’t very mobile but has been surprisingly good at the long ball. He has completed a long TD pass in each game except the last one.

(2) How have the multiple position changes for Brent Schaeffer gone up to this point?

He hasn’t really played much this year and he has only played QB. He came in at the end of the Vandy game because Seth Adams was hurt. He is a non-factor at this point.

(3) What are the greatest strengths and weaknesses defensively for Ole Miss?

Our defense has been the week point of the year. We have a very young defense and we have had some injuries so the D keeps getting younger as the year goes along. I honestly can’t think of any strenghts but our biggest weakness is our lack of tackling. We have had a lot of miss tackles this year. Last week was much better and we did shut out LA Tech.

(4) Should we expect to see BenJarvus Green-Ellis carry the load offensively, or does Coach O and company prefer a mixture of pass and run?

No, actually our Offense has been very balanced this year. Our running game is averaging 110 yards per game and we average 236.5 yards per game passing. It is important for us to be able to run to keep the pressure off of Seth Adams but we do have a legitimate deep ball threat.

(5) What key injuries for the Ole Miss team have the fans concerned?

Our key injuries have been on the defense. As of this week our biggest injury is Jamarca Samford (S) who is questionable at this point.

(6) Where is the best place to catch an affordable meal in Oxford on a Friday or Saturday night?

Ajax on the square.


One Response to “Q & A With The Hotty Toddy Blog”

  1. gorjus Says:

    Shoot, there’s no way we’re getting into Ajax Friday night . . . the Delta Mountain Boys are playing at the Two Stick, though, which is some pretty righteous bluegrass.

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