Who To Blame?

It appears that we are in for another week of “What’s Wrong With Alabama?” hosted by one Paul Finebaum and callers. Fans are starting to wonder why the offense has yet to actually show any signs of improvement since the UGA semi-comeback.

Should we blame the QB for these offensive woes? It’s the popular movement of the week, but the answer should be a no for now. JPW certainly has the tools to put together some nice drives when needed. The only problem with that is the nagging fact of how we’ve lost some big leads twice in the last 4 games. Still, John Parker is a capable QB when he knows the system. Wilson is responsible for his actions on the field, but please realize that there are other players out there not doing their jobs in critical times as well.

If we can’t blame the QB, should we blame the Offensive Line? With the amount of buzz surrounding this part of the offense, they have certainly given us less than stellar performances. Andre Smith is a very talented player, but has looked all too human at times this year. If we can’t open up holes for our ground game, how are we going to actually hold up against teams like LSU and Auburn? We’ll just have to wait and see. The O-Line has under performed, but they have also protected the QB on the big plays late in the game.

So who should we blame? How about the Receiving Core? We’ve seen talented players *cough* Hall *cough* loaf around when they are not getting the ball. How do you expect your teammates to succeed if you are not doing your best to take away whatever you can from opposing defenses? Still, our Receivers have been there to make the tough catches at times (Brown and McCoy have made more catches up the middle more often, taking some hard hits). Our Tight Ends have made some big catches as well. This group can’t take this blame all on their own.

What about the backfield? We’ve seen some flashes of brilliance early in the season from this group of talented- although slightly inexperienced- players. Yet lately, their production as a whole has dropped off. Have they all been working hard at the same time? Well, yes and no. Besides, their carries early on have been rather low. They must step up, but it is hard to when you only touch the ball 8 times a game (minus the Houston game).

So far my analytical opinion piece has yet to come up with a break through in who should be the scapegoat. To me to obvious answer is….. oh look, a farce about Nick Saban and Britney Spears!

OK, enough dodging a real statement; no single player deserves the blame. This is a team game. Any issue that you see one part of the offense suffer from should be addressed as a team issue by the coaches and players. Once we start to make accusations about one another, things can get out of hand pretty quickly.

What about the play calling you say? Well, we certainly can’t forget to address that. It is a bigger factor that some might actually think. I don’t disagree with the plays designed, but it seems that we have not been focusing on what has been working for us so well each game (maybe the aerial assault one game, or the ground attack the next game). Then again, I don’t know what the coaches are still trying to figure out about this team and the players, so I’ll play the happy little Tide blogger role for now and hold my tongue the best I can until we see how they handle the 2nd half of the season. After all, we hired Saban for the long term, not just 2007.


One Response to “Who To Blame?”

  1. Yeah It is me Says:

    I’m so tired of hearing about Britney Spears and feel the quality of entertainment go down whenever I hear her name. And like sports commentators know anything about her. They need to get off the gossip train and move on.

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