SEC Power Poll: Week 6

For some reason, I seem to have a case of writers block. So, I’ll just leave you with a look at my ballot for the SEC Power Poll, which can always be viewed at Garnet and Black Attack on Tuesday mornings. We’ve had some interesting games these last two weekends; I imagine the best is yet to come.

1. LSU

Great 4th quarter comeback. The inside track to the BCS title game is their’s for the taking. Will be it against Bears, or another beat down of the Buckeyes? Heck, they could play BC; how strange would that be? (Now that I’ve said this, all 3 will lose, leaving OU or USC again).

2. South Carolina

They control their own destiny in the SEC East right now. If they can get past the Gators and Vols, expect a rematch against the Tigers of Red Stick.

3. Auburn

Lester get ball. Lester run for touchdown. Lester good!!!! Yeah for Lester, boo grades.

4. Florida

Tough loss for the Gators. Still, the East can be had, which means a possible rematch for revenge.

5. Tennessee

They just ran circles around the Dawgs in the 1st half. They played like the Vols of the late 90’s.

6. Kentucky

Who will the hype machine follow now? LSU? Stanford? Cats are much improved, but they still have a ways to go it appears.

7. Georgia

Richt looked like he needed a hug after that domination. Unfortunately, Fulmer isn’t the type to cuddle afterwards.

8. Alabama

Houston provided a complex offense that helped them make a few plays at the end. Still, going up 23-0 should never lead to a measly 6 point win. The Rebels might just be the favorites next week *shudders*.

9. Arkansas

Now is the time for Houston to once again kick Tubby while he’s riding high. Having said that, I imagine the Tigers will win by 14.

10.Mississippi State

The Bulldogs could make a bowl game, which means we might actually have a team that wants to go to Shreveport.

11. Ole Miss

No french for the Cajun coach today, just a good ole fashion 24-0 win over LA Tech.

12. Vanderbilt

Chris Nickson can’t seem to get the job done. They’re just not a good as the teams from a few years ago.


One Response to “SEC Power Poll: Week 6”

  1. Joe blow Says:

    I’d still like to know what was going on with Lester, and not just internet rumor. Come now, you shouldn’t even have to ask who the hype machine is going to follow next. It’s USF, hands down. Oh, and Cal. You have to have a PAC-10 team in there.

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