Alabama 30-24 With Other Thoughts

Well, that game went differently than I pictured. I figured it would be tight at halftime, with a bigger margin of victory. Instead, we were up comfortably at the half, only to watch it dissipate as we continued to twiddle our thumbs offensively. The good thing is that we were able to avoid a bad loss with some key defensive plays towards the end.

Houston has a tricky offense, as they proved Saturday. Even so, there is no excuse for letting a 23-0 lead end up a 30-24 squeaker. This allowed comeback was more of a team effort than the last game. Everything still comes down to how our offense plays, which wasn’t stellar in the 2nd half.

I think most fans are starting to realize that while the defense is thin, they aren’t playing as bad as we thought. Have they given up some yardage? Yeah, but that can be attributed to an offense that rarely holds onto the ball long enough to do anything. A bad offense forcing a thin defense to stay on the field way too long always leads to problems. The defense did not get the rest they needed.

Next up are the Ole Miss Rebels, who have been able to hang with some pretty tough teams (Mizzou, UGA, Florida). If we can’t handle the Cougars, how are we going to be able to handle the guy who can drive with a Cougar in the car?


This has been your lame Ricky Bobby joke of the year.

I think we can beat the Rebels, we just need our offense to actually live up to their potential. Our team can do better than they are playing right now. Maybe our formula for winning is to score a lot early, then sweat it out until the clock hits 0:00. We’ve got to be able to put a complete game together if we want to win this weekend. Plus, let’s not forget that Tennessee and Auburn are coming on strong as of late (I’m still really confused on how Brad Lester was kept from playing, only to come in mid-season), so we need to get our issues resolved by this weekend.

LSU is still the class of the conference. I know most people will be kissing up to Les Miles this week for his “gutsy” calls, but I still disagree with that challenge he took on that punt return. With the way his defense was playing, he didn’t need to risk losing a time out for 7-10 yards.

USC lost to Stanford………. I can’t put into words how happy I am about this. I can’t wait to see Snoop jump on the Cal bandwagon.

Don’t let these last two performances get you down. We’re in the process of laying a real foundation for success. Saban is trying to change the mindset of the program and the players, which might explain why some of our better players are sitting on the bench. We’re in the Top 5 on, which means we’ll soon be seeing some actual depth in a year or two. Roll Tide!


2 Responses to “Alabama 30-24 With Other Thoughts”

  1. JohnInHuntsville Says:

    Just came across your blog after clicking your user link on EDSBS.

    I basically agree with you regarding Bama; there’s some fundamental disconnect that is keeping us from taking it up one more notch.

    I think LSU had an off night against UF. I think they start really stomping on people from here on out.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    EDSBS: where small bloggers go to pimp themselves with one liners and halfway decent observations.

    LSU looked like a monkey with a pickaxe before it returned to it’s chainsaw gorilla form. So yes, I would agree with you’re observation on LSU on Saturday.

    Thanks for stopping by

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