SEC Power Poll: Week 5

1. LSU

Looked iffy in the first half, but they made it up in the 2nd half. Am I the only one who hated those uniforms?

2. Kentucky

They win this #2 spot because of Florida. The SEC East race just got interesting folks.

3. Auburn

And people wonder why Tuberville has been there for so long. He wins the big ones, he loses the easy ones. I guess it’s time for that group of Auburn fans who booed to pull a “Bammer” by claiming they had confidence in Brandon Cox and Al Borges all along.

4. Georgia

Looked iffy until that 4th quarter. Look for them to crash a party on Rocky Top.

5. Florida

Tebow wasn’t exactly “contained”, but he didn’t make the plays at the end. That Florida defense never puts pressure on the QB, and we all know what Cox does with no pressure.

6. South Carolina

I know Mississippi State isn’t a pushover any more, but you still let them get way too many yards for that defense we’ve been hearing about.

7. Tennessee

I don’t know where else to put them. Bye week for the Vols.

8. Alabama

The offense just isn’t taking the load like they should. Even though Wilson has pretty good stats (1091 yards, 6 passing tds, 2 rushing tds, 3 ints), he isn’t playing very well. Still, you have to admit we’re doing better than under Shula.

9. Arkansas

That banner really didn’t seem to work out. Nothing can really be gained after this game against a high school coach. At least the race for 2nd place in the SEC West is still up for grabs.

10. Mississippi State

I think they will probably beat us if we play like we did against FSU.

11. Vanderbilt

Eastern Michigan eh?….. *yawn*

12. Ole Miss

Les bouledogues ont pris une morsure hors des rebelles! Orgeron est un cajun. Je ne peux pas trouver un anglais à la traduction de Cajun.


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