Alabama vs. Florida State Thread

Here are some observations by Christopher Walsh of the Tuscaloosa News:

  • The teams are out on the field and here are some things we noticed:
  • Both Darren Mustin and Brian Motley are both in uniform and look ready to go – and Mustin looks like he might actually start.
  • Jamie Christensen (groin) did the complete warm-up with the other kickers for the first time this season.
  • Defensive coordinator Kevin Steele was the first person to go over and say hello to Bobby Bowden at midfield. There were quite a few other handshakes going on before both staffs turned their full attention to the players.
  • It’s REALLY windy here. Alabama kickers came out early to kick into the wind on the FSU side, but did the rest of the warmups kicking against it.
  • Ok – we may have an important development here. Evan Cardwell is warming up at center with the other starters. Antoine Caldwell is dressed and has extra neck padding on, but I haven’t seen him do anything yet.
  • Florida State just announced that its backup nose guard, Kendrick Stewart, will start instead of Paul Giffin due to an injury. He walked off, which is great news.

Kick-off is minutes away!

First Quarter

If this punt and first series is any sign, we’re in trouble. We’re playing into the wind, so FSU has the early edge in the kicking game. FSU gets the first down after starting at midfield. Richardson is in as QB…… nothing happened. Delay of game on this big 3rd down. FSU gets next to nothing.

Punt is off and another touchback with the wind. Maybe we really should run the 2 minute drill more often (sigh). We can’t seem to get past the 28 yard line. Please let this punt succeed….. delay!?

FSU gets the ball back near midfield again, although we almost got the ball back. I’ll try to save comment for bigger plays from now on. SACK!

We need a big drive out there. 91 yards outta do it. Players are dropping like flies. Travis McCall is down…. that looks dangerous, similar to that Kevin Everrett play. Pray for the guy, he’s hurt.

Short field for FSU, they should get some points outta this with the wind in their favor. We just look so flat yet again on offense. If we can’t make a pass over 5 yards, we’re done. Field Goal is no good, BIG break for Bama.

I’m thinking Weatherford is mile ahead of Wilson right now. About to punt yet again. We have waaaay too much talent on offense for this crap to happen over and over again.

FSU gets a first down on the rush play with Parker. FSU having Tebow envy? I think FSU will get a few points out of this drive. 1st quarter is down and out.

Second Quarter

FSU gets the first down. We’re asking too much of our defense already. We had 19 yards in the first half, so sad. FSU goes deep……. nothing.

Even with the wind they can boom the punts. We’re still way behind in the field position game, which means Wilson has to dig us out. We really need a first down. Applewhite hasn’t looked at any of Shula’s up-the-gut run plays from last year I see. PLEASE, GET UP TERRY! Way too many players landing on their heads today. We need something without Grant in now.

Xavier Lee is in, which worries me a little bit. Shocker, FSU starts to move the ball before Alabama with their quick play offense. They should’ve scored some points here, but we got lucky again after missing an easy sack.

I think our punt returners have no confidence today. Geno Hayes is in, which isn’t a shocker. We really need some of our big passes to work. All of these short dink passes in coverage aren’t working too well. FUMBLE…. thank you for recovering Andre.

I have given up on our offensive play execution. FSU uses up their last time out, which might mean a hurry-up offense with Lee. We’ll get the ball back for one last drive. I hope we at least get a Field Goal attempt out of this game. FSU has a great defense, but we just look so bad on executing our plays.

We actually have the ball at mid-field, with all 3 time outs. If we can’t get 3, I don’t know what I’ll do. Geno Hayes is happy yet again. That demotion must’ve done wonders. We’re getting zero protection on the Line. I think they’re reading out snap count. We’re gonna punt.

I think we just wanted to let FSU feel better about their offense. Both teams have looked horrible, although we’ve looked worse.



Third Quarter

We’re back, hopefully with some solid halftime adjustments made. Saban should be rather PO’d. FSU Looks to be coming out with some fire. If they score, I pray this doesn’t snowball. Looks like they will score something. Lee gets them a TD if I had to call it right now. Correct.

We got hit in the mouth right now. If we can’t score here, I really think we’re done. Also, why have people started to play games with the play calling after the Patriots scandal?

Time to see what we’re made of………….. nothing. Our offense is hurting us in every facet of the game. We’ll be lucky to beat Ole Miss at this rate. I’m not horribly upset with the play calling, although I’m not happy with that last drive.

We’ve got the ball in FSU territory, let’s see what happens. Nothing

Fourth Quarter

still 7-0 Noles. I’m just left with an empty feeling right now. I would be ok if we had done more up to this point, but we really have done some stupid things.

We still have some fight, but we’re starting to see some of that Shula era give-up. D.J. Hall looks apathetic.

Xavier Lee is the real deal, although I’m a little shocked they haven’t scored more than 7 with him, but that is what happens when you toss an INT. I’d say Carr is a great player as well.

Time to see that hurry-up shine…..if we can get some blocking. We’re finished if we can’t get past the 20 yard line.

Goodnight everybody, we just lost this game.


…touchdown. Our defense is tired after having to keep us in the game for so long. That was a rather lazy tackle.

Keith Brown is my hero with that gutsy catch. Too bad that freaky bounce gave the game to the Noles at the end.


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