The Reverse Samson Theory

In the state of Alabama, people are criticizing the starting QBs for both major universities (UA and AU) like it is going out of style. Cox seems to have taken a majority of the hate talk, although Wilson seems to be catching up if Monday and Tuesday are any indication. Most of the fans are criticizing them for mediocre play, which is better than calling them both a mama’s boy.

So what is affecting their play? Is it mental? Maybe it’s due to pre-existing injuries, or bad mechanics.

What if their hairstyles had something to do with it? Yes, hair. Just take a look at their pictures:


They both have rather long hair. Could they be suffering from a reverse Samson effect of some kind? Just hear me out on this one.

Samson is the Biblical figure who’s strength came with his long hair. Once he lost that hair, he lost his gift of strength. After searching through some google images, I found a picture of Cox during his earlier years as an Auburn QB.

His hair has grown considerably (well, to match his bangs anyways). His best year as a starter in the eyes of the fans came in 2005. While his team did go 11-2 last year, he struggled.

Wilson on the other hand, has had the longer hair since he got to the Capstone. While he set a single season passing record last year, his TD-INT ratio wasn’t exactly stellar. Maybe his slightly better play can be attributed to how he keeps his hair in a slightly neater fashion.

Need further proof of the Reverse Samson? Well, check out the following SEC Quarterbacks. These four are probably having the best years overall in this Southeastern Conference:


There is only one short-haired QB that isn’t exactly having a break-out year, and that is Casey Dick. Then again, this isn’t a very strong theory, so Houston Nutt could be canceling it out. Even Erik Ainge is having a great year personally, even though his team has been struggling.

Do the Quarterbacks in this state need to cut their hair? Well, I say we should give it a little while longer before we get too superstitious.


2 Responses to “The Reverse Samson Theory”

  1. TideDruid Says:

    That looks like Eli Manning and Sean Penn (as Jeff Spicoli) got together and decided to procreate.

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