SEC Power Poll: Week 4

The sun was able to rise, as expected. I’ve been told that the team is already looking at film of Florida State, which is a good sign of how this team is ready to move on. I have a feeling that we won’t look so sluggish this Saturday. Roll the Noles!!!

I have another interview this morning, so I’ll be behind the gun again in terms of posting. For now, just read my Power Poll ballot for the week.

1. LSU

That trick play with Matt Dam-… Flynn tossing the ball behind his back was just sick.

2. Florida

The battle of the O verses man-baby Tebow was won by the Gator.

3. Kentucky

If Kentucky wins the SEC East this year, the Wildcats should name a street after Rich Brooks.

4. Georgia

Gotta give the Dawgs a ton of credit, they came to play. As an added bonus, Stafford got to cuddle with the rest of his team in the endzone after the win.

5. South Carolina

Tough loss, although they did make the score respectable towards the end. I can’t wait to see how Spurrier sandbags against MSU.

6. Alabama

Tough, tough loss. But, we did seem some solid improvement in the effort. This gift is for you, Matthew.

7. Tennessee

Vols took down Arkansas State, which is solid if you consider how Texas played against them. Still, they really need to show more.

8. Mississippi State

They just won 3 games in a row, not much else should be said. Croomin’ is still my favorite term in college football.

9. Auburn

Brandon Cox is suddenly a hero again after breaking open the game against New Mexico State. The guy has been through a lot, and should have had this kind of support earlier.

10. Arkansas

I just have a bad feeling that the Hogs will be going through a tough 2007 season. The Nutt is about to leave the station.

11. Vanderbilt

Nothing of interest happened in Nashville this weekend.

12. Mississippi

They had a solid game plan against the Gators. Oh well, at least they still have Archie Manning to depend on.


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