Alabama 23-26 and Other Thoughts

We just lost, and I’m not all that sad about it. There were good and bad moments about this team, which can be expected under a first year head coach trying to fix a program in need of direction. Once again, we are shown that our QB play affects us greater than anything else this season. As John Parker Wilson goes, so does the Tide.

Hats off to UGA and Stafford for playing their guts out. Stafford may not win any Heisman love from his performance tonight, but he flat out won my respect. He made the big passes when he needed too, which is what a winner does. I only saw one or two bad example of Georgia fans, but I felt that their fanbase as a whole is a very respectable bunch who enjoy football just as much as the rest of us.

A message to our student section, namely the fraternity section: Do NOT throw cups at opposing players after a loss. I know they celebrated right in front of our student section, but that is where they had to score in order to win! I know a minority of the section did this, but it still makes me VERY upset. Don’t act like a bunch of classless stereotypes!

As for any disappointment, I’m really not too down about the loss. We all wanted to talk about how showing determination and guts at the end of a game is a sign of positive change last week. Well, our comeback tonight is another example of that. I know that we lost, but we had a second week in a row where we did not give up. It is my opinion that Georgia would’ve had this game won by the end of the 3rd quarter under the previous regime. We were able to get over a bad half of play to make a real game out of it. I just hope we are able to get our heads into the game earlier as the season progresses.

Do I blame the Saban coaching staff for this loss? Well, I would say they should certainly take some credit for it. But I really don’t think their game planning or play calling was so horrible that it held us back from winning. Had JPW been able to get his head in the game earlier and make smart decisions, we would’ve been able to do more. 3 yards passing in the 1st quarter needs to be addressed, as does the intensity in the first half.

Take heart my Crimson brethren, for tomorrow is a new day to continue our due diligence in the process to do what we need to do relative to how we must improve as the season progresses, a’ight?


One Response to “Alabama 23-26 and Other Thoughts”

  1. wescrimson Says:

    TD, Very good commentary on the Bama loss to Georgia. Of course now, it is already 24 hours after the end of the game and the game is now old news and history. But briefly, Georgia, as always a class act, played a good game and beat our Crimson Tide. Georgia is a better team with better coaching.

    Good luck to Georgia the rest the of the way.

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