What Will Happen After Saturday

If Alabama Loses

Make no mistake about it, other fanbases out there are positioning themselves for a massive “you ain’t payin’ Saban $4 mil to get beat!” week long celebration. I must admit, there are Bama fans out there who’s main goal in life is to brag way too much about anything and everything. They talk a big game, but when something bad happens, most of them disappear, leaving the rest of us to deal with the flamers from opposing teams. Such is life sometimes.

I do find it amazing how some of the anti-Saban crowd have already tried to devalue the wins against Arkansas and Vanderbilt. During the weeks before those games, most of them were telling us how we were probably going to lose to both programs since they were either equal in talent (VU) or had a higher level of talent (Ark.)

If Alabama Wins

If Alabama wins, we will start to get some actual respect. Not hype, respect. We’ve seen the amount of hype ESPN and the rest of the media has been directing towards the Tide. Now, we’re forced into a strange situation since most of them were dogging us in January.

I also expect people to start the “Georgia isn’t very good” barrage, as is the standard. I believe the Dawgs to be a good team no matter the score tomorrow; you should too.


2 Responses to “What Will Happen After Saturday”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    Well there is little doubt that sometime this season Bama might possibly, maybe lose a game and the “Bama Haters” will come out and vent their venom. But as for me, I will already feel as bad as I can about the loss and will feel numb to those insults.

    Remember during the season, we only get 24 hours to celebrate the wins or mourn the losses. After that it is old news, history. And most distractors won’t want to be comparing their teams’ history and tradition with Tide’s.

  2. Joe Blow Says:

    Before the season, I said that UGA was the most overrated team in the SEC. I was basing this on their young defense, and lack of a Tebow-like playmaker on offense. But it looks like their young defense is pretty solid. If they can put pressure on JPW, Bama will be in trouble. That won’t happen, though. UGA only has 6 sacks this year and Bama has only allowed 4. If the home crowd can be as dynamic as it was last year, the young guys will crack. I think Bama should win this one.

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