Slight Paranoia Takes Over

This message is brought to you by Tide Druid’s pessimistic side. It has taken over long enough to type a post.

Doomed, doomed, doomed. Our chances in this game are totally shot now thanks to all that has gone on this past week. Have you seen this stuff being set up?


Ugh…. we don’t need this much hype this early in the season. Our players aren’t used to having this much attention. It makes me wonder where their thoughts have been outside of practice. Yes, I will admit that Saban is one of the best in the business in getting his teams to focus on the task at hand. But, this team has absolutely no prior training in this regard. UGA and crew seem hungry; we seem to still be full of BBQ pork.

Then there is John Parker Wilson. Yeah, he and Caddell won the game for us. But, you can’t deny the fact that JPW does better against man-to-man coverage since he doesn’t have to read the schemes as often. Give the guy a little pressure and a mixed bag of defensive packages, and you have yourself a QB throwing off of his back foot all day long. Somebody, please help me bury my head in the sand before I have to witness this horror.


It’s the only way!

Then we have the defense to worry about. Yes, the starters are solid players. After that, there is a bit of a drop off. Thinking about Georgia running the ball is giving me hives….

Finally, there are a few unforgiving trends we need to address. We have a winning percentage of .000 when ESPN College Gameday comes to Tuscaloosa. ZERO! THIS CURSE SHALL ENGULF US ALL, CAUSING A SYSTEMATIC CHAIN OF DESTRUCTION AND FAILURE!!! Why must this Fowl-Herb-So curse be so unkind to the Tide?


Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable.

*cough* Ok…. I’ve calmed down enough to remember that Mark Richt and Georgia have a crazy-good SEC road record. What is it, something like 100,000,000-3? At least that is how daunting it feels to me. I think I just need to sit down and drink enough liquid to cause a rhino to pass out. Maybe that way I’ll miss this emotional torture we call College Football.

This message was brought to you by the Pessimistic (and now manic depressive) side of the Tide Druid. It has now disappeared into the dark regions of the mind. Stay tuned for a complete 180.


5 Responses to “Slight Paranoia Takes Over”

  1. Willy Mac Says:

    Good luck this weekend guys. I’ll be rooting for you. Roll Tide.

  2. bobbyjack Says:

    Stafford is going to have a field day with our safeties. We’re really going to need the DL to bring the heat. Good thing is the Dawgs are young on the OL… and the Cocks exposed that.

    Did I mention I hate all things UGA… I wish I was going, but the FSU game is more important to me.

  3. Joe Blow Says:

    “Give the guy a little pressure and a mixed bag of defensive packages, and you have yourself a QB throwing off of his back foot all day long.”

    True. But I would take that over what we have at the moment. Give him no pressure and any generic defensive scheme and he’ll throw off his back foot into quadruple coverage. 🙂

  4. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  5. The Gut and I: Alabama vs Georgia « The Tide Druid Says:

    […] The Gut and I: Alabama vs Georgia September 27, 2008 — TideDruid Well, Lee Corso has picked us, which usually leads to bad things. This only adds to yet another list of reasons as to why I think we’ll lose… much like last year. […]

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