UGA vs. UA Video Dump

I’ve got some things that need to be handled by the end of today, so I’ll be fairly busy. I’ll try to post something more insightful later, depending on how much I actually get done. Trying to get a real job can be a bit hectic at times.

This first video is from 1994. It is the last time Alabama beat Georgia in Tuscaloosa. Watching Jay Barker run out of the pocket is like watching Nick Saban smile at the media after a press conference; it just doesn’t feel natural.

This next video is from 1985, the year I was born. Shula to Bell baby. Probably the only good memory of Mike Shula most Alabama fans still have left. If I remember correctly, this was Vince Dooley’s last game against Alabama as well.

I have to wonder what is going on with Spencer Tillman and the CBS crew in this last clip. The audio just happens to “cut out” twice. To top it all off, he refers to Alabama as Arkansas (don’t worry Hog fans, he picked you to beat Georgia by 4). Wonderful editing job by CBS.

I also found John Parker Wilson’s total passing yardage to be an uncomfortable number. Bad omen perhaps? I doubt it. But, it is a game, so you know people will be looking for any kind of sign.

I digress. Here is Spencer Tillman discussing this week’s game of Georgia at Alabama. Enjoy.


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