Phil Steele’s SEC Standings

In the world of pre-season magazines, Phil Steele is viewed as a giant among fatter, lazier writers who can’t stomach studying football for 3 months straight (wussies). Here are his projected SEC standings for 2007. The text in red represents a loss. For the rest of the conferences, Click Here.

Florida (7-1): Tennessee, at Mississippi, Auburn, at LSU, at Kentucky, n Georgia, Vanderbilt, at S Carolina
Georgia (5-3): S Carolina, at Alabama, Mississippi, at Tennessee, at Vanderbilt, n Florida, Auburn, Kentucky
Tennessee (4-4): at Florida, Georgia, at Miss St, at Alabama, S Carolina, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, at Kentucky
South Carolina (3-5): at Georgia, at LSU, Miss St, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, at Tennessee, at Arkansas, at Florida
Kentucky (3-5): at Arkansas, at S Carolina, LSU, Florida, Miss St, at Vanderbilt, at Georgia, Tennessee
Vanderbilt (1-7): Alabama, Mississippi, at Auburn, Georgia, at S Carolina, at Florida, Kentucky, at Tennessee
LSU (8-0) at Miss St, S Carolina, Florida, at Kentucky, Auburn, at Alabama, at Miss, at Arkansas
Alabama (7-1): at Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Georgia, at Miss, Tennessee, LSU, at Miss St, at Auburn
Arkansas (6-2): at Alabama, Kentucky, Auburn, at Miss, S Carolina, at Tennessee, Miss St, at LSU
Auburn (2-6): Miss St, at Florida, Vanderbilt, at Arkansas, at LSU, Miss, at Georgia, Alabama
Miss St (1-7): LSU, at Auburn, at S Carolina, Tennessee, at Kentucky, Alabama, at Arkansas, Miss
Misssissippi (0-8): at Vanderbilt, Florida, at Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, at Auburn, LSU, Miss St

Well, he’s still pretty spot on to date. The only game he has missed is the South Carolina @ Georgia game. I not sure why he has both Miss. State and Auburn with a loss after playing each other though. If Alabama goes 7-1 in SEC play this year, expect a massive increase in bandwagon fans.

(HT: Wizard of Odds, Phil Steele)


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