SEC Power Poll: Week 3


Well, my top 2 teams are still the same, but everything else has changed. As always, please remember to visit Garnet and Black Attack every Tuesday morning for the SEC Power Poll results. Here we go…

1. LSU

They gave up 90 net yards to MTSU, a team that took a top 10 team to the brink a week earlier. That is just unreal.

2. Florida

Tebow looked great yet again. He could sell his hair clippings for more than the Barry Bonds home-run ball right now…. only in Gainesville though.

3. Alabama

Big win to make the Saban haters hush. Are we the third best team in the SEC right now? Hard to say so soon. But, we are riding high right now, and I always take momentum into consideration.

4. South Carolina

I’ll ignore yet another bad game against a cupcake and leave the Gamecocks here for now. Prove me right against LSU with a good performance!

5. Kentucky

Rich Brooks just climbed the aggro-krag! They brought some SEC pride back in beating one of the best teams in the Big East.

6. Georgia

Western Carolina won’t allow you to move up or down since it is like a bye week. Their first road test of the year comes in Tuscaloosa.

7. Arkansas

Looked awful, great, and confused all in one night, resulting in a possible lose of some major momentum. Sorry to bump you down so far, but you did lose. Game could’ve gone either way in the 4th.

8. Tennessee

John Chavis will be having nightmares about Tim Tebow this week.

9. Mississippi State

Somewhere, Jackie Sherrill is laughing at a picture of Tommy Tuberville. Huge win for this program and Croom’s job security.

10. Auburn


11. Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt’s offense was able to shine some after a lackluster performance the week before. Good win if this program is to have any success this season.

12. Ole Miss

As usual, the last position is reserved for a team from Mississippi. O and crew do seem to be making progress.


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