Roundtable Review: Surprise Players

Even though we’re only 3 weeks into the season, there are a few things that I’ve noticed. If you remember the last time this blog hosted the Crimson and White Roundtable, I asked the following question:

Name one Alabama player you think is a sleeper right now, waiting for his come out year.

Well, there were a few of us who mentioned Terry Grant and Rolando McClain. Both of them have done very well and are starting to grab some attention.

However, the praise should be given to Todd Jones, who made the following comment:

Matt Caddell. He really came on at the end of last season, and he’s got loads of potential that was never fully utilized by the previous staff. If he can get out there in some three and four receiver sets with Keith and DJ, opposing defenses will likely let him sneak a few big plays in trying to keep the “names” covered.

Well, it turns out that is exactly what happened Saturday night. John Parker Wilson had Brown and Hall out on the field during that game winning drive. Keith Brown did catch a pass or two, but D.J. Hall was basically used as a decoy. So, when the player covering Caddell turned his head to see what the action was, Matt caught the ball, pulling off a huge play.

Maybe we should start calling him Todd Applewhite.


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