Alabama 41-38 With Other Thoughts

Wow….. I really don’t know how to give this game a proper description. We’re up by 21, we let Arkansas take the lead, we then drive down the field for the game winning TD. Maybe Christopher Walsh of the Tuscaloosa News describes it best:

It went from there’s no way the University of Alabama football team was going to lose, to there was no way it was going to win, to how on earth did the Crimson Tide pull that off?

It was like a cleansing from the Mike Shula era. We actually won in the 4th quarter of a game! I had almost forgotten what this felt like (0-19 when trailing in the 4th under Shula). We’re not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I can tell our attitude and drive have changed. What was once lacking is now starting to look like our strong point: Determination. I’ll comment more on this later.

Congrats should be given to the Hogs by every single Bama fan. They played an extremely gusty game and just wore us out towards the end. It felt just like 2003 for a while.

I have also come to a conclusion about McFadden: You don’t try to stop McFadden. You try to survive McFadden. I think most of us would agree after this game.

Let’s also give Mississippi State a ton of praise as well. They could’ve easily given up after that 45-0 stomping from LSU. But, they worked hard and pulled off a HUGE win for their program. Maybe now some people will understand how we felt after losing 24-16 to the Bulldogs. But please, don’t talk too much smack this week. We could’ve easily been in the L column ourselves.

Also, we need to keep our focus on Georgia this week. They are a tough, tough team with a good coach in Mark Richt. I think we can win, but we need to give it our all if we want to go 4-0.

Tebow may be the real deal. Will he make a big mistake when there is actual 4th quarter pressure? I think he will, but not before he drives opposing defenses crazy with his raw talent.

Enjoy the win this weekend. It was a tough one to watch towards the end, but it was worth it.



5 Responses to “Alabama 41-38 With Other Thoughts”

  1. Capstone Report » As good a day as it was, better days to come Says:

    […] The Tide Druid describes the game as being “like a cleansing from the Mike Shula era” The Miami Herald provides us with the AP story. Nice to see Alabama and Nick Saban still getting coverage in Florida. Magazine cover of The Bama Twins and a photo are available on this page. You can read a profile of them by clicking HERE. The Rap Sheet has a great quote from John Parker Wilson. Auburn apologists are now predicting a losing season for the once powerful Tommy Tuberville. […]

  2. WesCrimson Says:

    There really is not much to brag about in Bama’s victory. It is left for us Bama fans to be extremely thankful. Both teams played great in the back and forth battle. It is hard to imagine that there are better teams in the SEC than the Hogs, like LSU and/or Florida.

    As the Hogs clearly demonstrated they are one of the 10 teams on the schedule that can clearly beat Bama.

    After about 3 touchdown passes thrown by the Razorback QB Casey Dick, I don’t think anyone will be saying he can’t pass.

    Also the Hogs offense after all does seem to be one that can catch up in scoring a lot quicker than I like.

    Between now and next year I will just be hoping McFadden will go early in the next NFL draft, a year early.

    Good luck to the Hogs the rest of the way. Hopefully, the Tide and Hogs will go on and mess up the LSU coronation.

  3. TideDruid Says:

    This game reminds me of the feeling you get from making a decent grade on a test you weren’t able to study for. You wanted more than the 80, but you’ll gladly take it under the circumstances.

  4. Thomas the Terrible Says:

    My hat goes off go to both teams. This was clearly the best game of the day. One has to wonder if Nutt will be at Arkansas next year, after this defeat.

  5. gorjus Says:

    McFadden is an amazing player. Just to watch him burst out like that–my heart nearly stopped every time. A buddy of mine compared him to the explosiveness of Bo Jackson. I’m just glad we don’t have to deal with him anymore this year.

    State did indeed show a ton of character and whipped the Tigers but good.


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