The Gut and I: Arkansas

I wasn’t able to do this last weekend, but I plan on doing it as often as possible on every gameday. I’m really hoping for a win this week. My Girlfriend’s family is from Arkansas, so there are plenty of Hog fans in her family (don’t worry, she and her parents converted). I got to meet her uncle last year the night after the Alabama @ Arkansas game….. his first words were “WOO! PIG SOOIE!” when I met him. They’re great people though, so don’t think otherwise.

Reasons for my gut to say Alabama wins

  • Fans are ready for the first “big” win in a long time. We should make it similar to a Florida ’05 setting.
  • Our O-line is much improved. They will be able to make some room for Terry Grant to have a say in this game.
  • John Parker Wilson has had a week to work out his issues. He’s got to be better….. right?
  • Houston Nutt has a tendency to fall apart at times.
  • Saban and Company have surely planned well enough for that Wild Hog business.
  • The Arkansas QB isn’t going to knock our socks off.
  • Leigh Tiffin is due.

Reasons for my gut to say Alabama losses

  • Two names: McFadden and Jones.
  • Houston Nutt also has the ability to wallop a team on the road. He’s just an up and down coach.
  • Our front seven on Defense are on the small side compared to the rest of the SEC.
  • That Wild Hog stuff you’ve heard about, it’s tough to defend.
  • Nutt likes to use more than his fair share of trick plays.
  • John Parker Wilson may under perform in the redzone yet again. Overthrowing and staring down the receivers.
  • Every Bama coach but the Graduate Assistants comes down with food poisoning.

Gut reaction: Alabama wins


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