See You At The Stadium

Well, I’m done for the work week. It will be an interesting game for both Alabama and Arkansas fans since we really don’t know a whole lot about either team. There were people out there who predicted a Vanderbilt victory last week, claiming that both VU and UA had similar talent. Of course, they all retreated on Monday, claiming that Vandy is just a horrible program, and that Alabama should’ve won their first two cupcake games.

I’m starting to get the same feeling about this week’s game as well. Many in the Anti-Saban crowd are picking Arkansas, claiming that it will be a tight game, with the hogs coming out on top. Of course, if Alabama were to win this game, they would probably start laughing at Houston Nutt, blaming him for the loss.

We all know what the reaction will be when Saban and Alabama lose their first game of the year. I think most Bama fans have prepared themselves for it, wether they want to admit it or not. Are there Bama fans out there who’ve opened their mouths when they shouldn’t have? I’d say there are plenty. But, don’t forget what the VU and Arky boards looked like the weeks before their games against us as well.

But hey, it won’t matter by November anyways. For now, just enjoy yourselves this weekend and hope to see this happen someday:



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