Kickin’ Tiffin

This weekend could be the biggest opportunity for redemption in recent Crimson Tide history. We all remember what happened with Leigh Tiffin in Fayetteville last year. Can Tiffin do it? I sure hope so. But, while I’m sure most Bama fans would like to see him redeem himself, we would rather score in increments of 7. Heck, even John Parker Wilson has the same feelings:

“That would be nice,” Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson said, “even though I prefer scoring touchdowns.”

It comes down to Tiffin preparing himself mentally. He cannot psych himself out and has to remember to focus on his task at hand. If he can’t, then we could be in for a long game.

But I have faith in Leigh; he’s got a lot of talent and a better coaching staff that can help him with the mental aspect of the game. He seems to be taking everything in stride, which is what he needs to do. I’m sure that someplace in Houston Nutt’s day long special teams scenario practice there was a part about what to do with Leigh Tiffin (even though they don’t need to do anything if he keeps missing field goals against them). But, I think Leigh can shine this Saturday, and I’m sticking to it.

Let’s hope something big happens for Mr. Tiffin. He’s probably ready to get this monkey off of his back.


Good luck, Leigh. If it helps you, just think of this horrible photoshop. It will make you laugh, thus calming your nerves.


One Response to “Kickin’ Tiffin”

  1. Joe Blow Says:

    How long is Harpo Marx out?

    I think it’s evident that JPW would prefer scoring touchdowns…even over throwing them. I’ve noticed a recurring theme with him inside the 10 yard line. Even with receivers wide open, he will try and run it in.

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