What’s That Wild Hog?

All summer long, Arkansas fans have been talking about the “Wild Hog” formation. Many people know that this can be a difficult play to defend since it revolves around Darren McFadden.

the Wild Hog, or the “Wildcat” formation as it was formerly known, is an offensive formation where McFadden usually lines up as quarterback. Since McFadden often played quarterback in high school, he is a threat to either throw (7 of 9 on passing and 3 touchdowns), or more often, to run the ball. In this formation he also often hands off to another player, usually fellow running back Felix Jones, thus making the formation a triple threat. This play probably makes up a large segment of the passing yards for the Hogs during key games.

I am not a play calling genius, nor do I play X-Box 360 everyday, so I won’t even attempt to explain the intricacies of this formation. But, fear not, there is a guy out there named G43E who can break down this formation for you via his X-Box (or Playstation, I honestly can’t tell). Be warned, he will let out a curse word or two. Here are some of the options of the Wild Hog Formation:

Darren McFadden Fake Sweep Wrap

Darren McFadden Sweep QB Screen


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