The Fans Are Being Conditioned?

Apparently so if you talk to ESPN’s Ivan Maisel:

Once upon a time, if Alabama went to Vanderbilt and won by just 14 points, there would have been a Crimson Tide wave of teeth-gnashing from Huntsville to Mobile.

Radio shows throughout Alabama would have been full of calls of “What’s wrong with our boys? Geez, we’re talking about VANDERBILT, the doormat of the SEC. We pad stats against Vandy. EVERYBODY pads stats against Vandy.”

Yet on Saturday, when Alabama exited Vanderbilt Stadium with a 24-10 victory, Nick Saban’s first SEC win as the Prince of Tides, there wasn’t a hair-trigger reaction of panic.

Slowly, but surely it seems, Saban is conditioning Alabama fans, like he did LSU fans, to accept that building a championship program is a process. It’s about changing a mindset, about working toward consistency.

Are we going to be the Pavlov’s dog of fanbases now?

While I think Maisel is one of the many reporters out here over hyping how Alabama fans criticize their coaches, I do think that there are some fans out there that have a tendency to overreact to bad news.

I happen to think that most average Alabama fans realized that anything can happen this season, good or bad. Of course, I doubt we’ll ever be able to change the minds of those that criticize us, so there is really no need to argue with them.

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One Response to “The Fans Are Being Conditioned?”

  1. Pete Holiday Says:

    Alabama can’t win this game. Fans react strongly and they’re “rabid” and “unrealistic”… they don’t react strongly enough and all of a sudden they’re “being conditioned”. Fortunately for the pundits, there’s no middle ground… we’re either too rabid or not rabid enough.

    Regardless, until Maisel comes up with an actual historical example of a similar circumstance where his supposition is legitimized — that is, a 14 point win over Vandy after a long string of almost exclusively disappointing seasons, combined with an unusually strong Vandy team… and a first year head coach — all he’s doing is creating a caricature of a fan base and then criticizing that creation.

    Which is basically all ESPN does these days anyway, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

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