Traditional Powerhouses

Poor Michigan and Notre Dame. What a fall from glory….

As an Alabama fan, I can relate to some of the feelings Notre Dame and Michigan fans are going through right now. It’s a strange thing being the fan of a traditional powerhouse program. One minute, everyone is praising you and your wonderful tradition of winning. Take one turn for the worse, and everyone is dogging you, asking “what happened to this program?” every other week. That’s the bad we have to take with the good if you are going to take that place as a “name” program.

Yeah, they will quickly jump back on the bandwagon once you start to show signs of progress. But, make no mistake about it, they will take any opportunity they get to talk about you as a “once was”. That’s just the nature of the business of sports today. It’s easier for a good, but not great program in this regard. USA Today won’t be writing cover stories about a UCLA fall from glory anytime soon.

It’s probably one of the biggest insults you could ever give to a traditional power: “Yeah well, you’re not what you once where.” All you can do is just bite your tongue, work hard, and wait for the bandwagoning bashers to see if there is still room for them to cheer you on.

Don’t mistake me for a Notre Dame fan; I’m kind of happy to see that they won’t be over-hyped yet again. I’m just expressing how I see the world of college football.

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One Response to “Traditional Powerhouses”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    Oh yes I have really felt bad ( but not much) for Our Lady of Indiana (Notre Dame) since their bowl game with LSU last season. Now if this losing trend keeps up for 20 years or so, I really will begin to have neutral feelings about them.

    Well Michigan still has a chance to come back and win the Big 10 Title. The conference seems down a bit so far this year and Michigan would have to beat some pretty good teams like Penn State, Wisconsin and OSU to accomplish that. Hey but Michigan may struggle to even beat Northwestern and Michigan State both 2-0 so far.

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