Alabama 24-10 With Other Thoughts

I just realized I’ve been so nervous today that I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch. I’m physically shaking, so I’ll make some more comments in a few hours once I get something to eat or drink. Roll Tide!


I’m back and I feel better. First off…. holy cow!!!!


Amazing isn’t it? I just hope we look better against FSU lol. UAB scored that TD on a 20 yard interception return.

Well, the game wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win….. right? I do have a few brief thoughts:

  • Terry Grant=special. I just hope he and Coffee can continue to dominate against better opposition down the road.
  • O-line did a good job making holes for Grant when needed.
  • John Parker Wilson really needs to calm down and focus. He let himself get into a hurry after the faintest sign of pressure.
  • The Defense did better than I thought, although Vandy’s poor offensive play certainly didn’t hurt.
  • There were plays and calls for both teams that could’ve drastically changed the game either way.
  • Rolando McClain is still a stud.
  • Pass Defense was iffy at times.
  • Good grief at that easy touchdown we gave up!

We were the favorites by 3.5 points, and won by 14. Still, it doesn’t feel like a 14 point win. I just hope we can calm down some and create a good game plan against the Hogs and their studly O-line. I hear that McFadden fella is good too, might win a trophy of some kind.


Auburn lost, although that isn’t the main reason for my post. I don’t want to be the kind of blogger who only posts about the rival, but I found this to be an odd statement after watching the Auburn Offense fall apart in the 2nd half. From the mouth of Tuberville:

“We were so beat up we played our second-team linebackers and secondary in the second half,” coach Tommy Tuberville said. “There are no excuses. Our defense fought hard. We can win the way we are playing defensively.”



One Response to “Alabama 24-10 With Other Thoughts”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    Well is great to beat anyone by 14 points and Vandy does have a decent team. It certainly didn’t help Vandy that their two best players were a bit injured and didn’t play much.

    There are still 9 other teams remaining on the schedule capable of beating the Tide if our team doesn’t play it’s best.

    What about that UAB game. I had mixed emotions on that one, pulling for UAB but afraid that UAB beating FSU would shake FSU up just in time for a big game against the Tide. After all it would be a rematch for them, a chance to redeem themselves against the Bama folks.

    Now I was pulling for Auburn to beat South Florida ( and the Big East). Well I didn’t want Auburn to blow USF out, but I wanted the SEC team to win. These late night games have to be a lot worse for the players than the 11:30 a.m. games. Hey and for the fans attending the game,there is nothing like losing a game around midnight in Auburn and then looking for somewhere to get something to eat or drink.( Well now I mean about 80,000 people, not just you.) Hey and for the Auburn fans heading back into Georgia it was already after 1 a.m. I sure hope Bama doesn’t get any late night games like that, it would be too rough on our fans attending the game. Really why do we have Hawaii and the West Coast other than to play those last games of the day.

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