My Required LeBatard Post

I’m sure many of you have heard the latest hub-bub about Dan LeBatard’s comments on Nick Saban on multiple radio stations. If you have not read the commentaries on Eight in the Box and Capstone Report, I suggest you do that right now.

I don’t plan on spending too much time discussing the vendetta of Dan LeBatard; I hope most of you won’t waste too much time on him either. But, I would like to point out something Mr. LeBatard once stated in an interview with The Big Lead, one of the finest blogs out there today. In this interview, Mr. LeBatard made one statement that caught my eye.

First, I should probably show you the question he was asked by The Big Lead:

Q: You’ve found the ability to defend Ray Lewis … can you find it in your heart to defend the actions of former Hurricane Michael Irvin? While we don’t know whether or not Tony Romo’s great grandma approved of his recent comments, SI’s moral arbiter, Rick Reilly, certainly didn’t.

Apparently Michael Irvin made a statement about Tony Romo’s playing abilities and family; AKA, he pulled a Jimmy the Greek. Does Mr. LeBatard find it necessary to condemn Mr. Irvin for yet again saying something stupid? Then again, we forget that Michael Irvin, Ray Lewis, and Dan LeBatard are all Miami Hurricanes.

…God, we’re so sensitive. Too sensitive. We’re so willing to end a broadcaster or executive’s entire career over a few words. We love firing people. I wonder how Rick would feel if he wrote one dumb sentence and got fired over it. We’re too willing to erase too much good work over a mistake.

So lieing to Dan and the Miami media is a sin against nature, but saying Tony Romo’s great great granny ordered a slave to sleep with her is kosher. It appears that Saban’s stupid statement (“I will not be the coach at Alabama”) is the greatest evil.

Mr. LeBatard also found it important to label Coach Saban as the “Anti-Shula,” talking of what a coward he was for leaving the Dolphins without facing the public and manning up to it. If I remember correctly, Shula and the Dolphins were charged with tampering after Donny skipped town since he couldn’t win it all in Baltimore. Miami surreptitiously contacted him for the job, trying to hid it so they wouldn’t get caught. Will anyone ever criticize Don Shula in Miami? the answer is a resounding no.

But what about Saban treating those under him like garbage? Well, Coach Shula had a bit of a reputation himself. Unfortunately, I am unable to link and audio to this, but Paul Finebaum might remember the story David Lamb told during the 2006 SEC Media Days. In his story, Lamb talked about a young player for the Dolphins who suffered a career ending injury during a pre-season game. Coach Don Shula went to see the player and the medical staff member during halftime, and appeared to be upset that the player would be gone forever. Shula wasn’t upset for the player, David Lamb claimed that Shula was upset because this would put Don Shula in a weaker position. Mr. Lamb even went as far to say that Shula said something similar to “I can’t believe this happened to me!” right in front of the player. I hate to mention this story without an online source, but it did appear on the radio airwaves.

I for one thank my lucky stars he is the Anti-Shula! (Mike and Don)

This is what happens to people who make it their job to try and call out the B.S. coming out of everyone else’s mouth. Pot, meet that kettle.

I’ve said what I have to say, so you won’t be seeing me write much more about Dan LeBatard anytime soon (unless he says something about Saban’s mother). Besides, Saturday is gameday. That means it is time to move on and cheer for Alabama. I just figured LeBatard would’ve been able to move on as well.

(Links Provided By: The Big Lead, AOL Fanhouse, The Capstone Report, Eight in the Box,

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One Response to “My Required LeBatard Post”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    Oh LeRetard is primarily a pro team show with a few Miami Hurricane topics and interviews.(Go Sooners!) A really minor sports related character in Northern Columbia, well Miami.

    Anyway somehow all this LeRetard misinformation also developed so that (former Bama and Dolphin player) Bob Baumhower and his support for Mike Shula ( when he was head coach and now as a friend) was being taken as Bob being against Coach Saban. This misinformation ( which I believe was rebroadcast by Finebaum) caused a bunch of Bama fans to call Bob’s various restaurants complaining and indicating that they not be patronizing Bob’s businesses. ( I guess McDonalds would be getting all their future business.) It got so bad that on the “Hey Coach” radio show on Thursday night, Coach Saban had to talk about how highly Bob was regarded. Now many Bama fans ( well me for one) have bad feelings against Finebaum ( a Tennessee graduate) for attempting to disrupt the Alabama program in order to enhance his ratings. (Yeah, but like that is new.)

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