The Mountain Top

Enjoy this moment Alabama fans! Not only do we have the 3rd best scoring defense in the SEC, but we have the best scoring offense in the Conference as well! Three cheers for Coach Saban and our glorious rise to power! All is well!


I can’t believe the Applewhite-Steele combination worked so well so fast. It’s just so refreshing to see….. huh? We have to play 11 more games?…. When did this happen? Ok well I’m sure we can keep this momentum going….. what? We have to play Division 1-A teams? Why?….. uh huh….. uh huh…. yeah, ok. Well crap!

At least we’ll all have an even playing field…… oh what is it this time? Not much depth on Defense you say? Hmm… well can we..? We can’t? Dangit! Is there anything else I should know? How many opponents have BYE weeks before playing us?! Wait, don’t tell me. ARGH!


Why doesn’t anyone tell me this stuff?!

If you run into a fan this oblivious to the facts of the 2007 season, please bop them on the head. We certainly have a chance at a good season, but we’re not the Crème de la Crème just yet. This public service example has been brought to you by CraneWorks. (not really)



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