SEC Power Poll

A little over a week ago, I mentioned that I will be participating in an SEC Power Poll. Well, this is the first official week of the SEC Power Poll, hosted by Garnet and Black Attack (Formerly Cock & Fire). Every Tuesday after a weekend of games, there will be a Poll released. My picks are listed below, although I’m not sure on a few teams since it is only one week into the season. Be sure to check it out on Tuesday.

Here we go:

1. LSU
Still the most talented team in the SEC, no matter how average their offense looked at times. They’ll get a good test from Va. Tech.

2. Florida
Tebow looked great against Western Kentucky. Then again, I think more Gator fans are afraid to admit that Chris Leak would’ve looked good against WKU as well. Defense needs a little work.

3. Georgia
Brought their A game for the match-up against the Cowboys. If their O-line holds up, they could control their future for the SEC East.

4. Tennessee
Pinkygate has come and gone, much like any hope for an undefeated season. The Vols still have plenty of talent and coaching to make a great season out of it. Am I ranking them too high? Maybe, but I’ll need to see how they handle Southern Miss before I drop them. While they looked bad at times in Berkeley, they did go against a pretty respectable team.

5. Auburn
If only they could clone Quentin Groves, send the clones in child form back in time, and teach each one how to play a different position. Their defense did well; their O-line needs to protect Cox better before he becomes the walking wounded again.

6. Arkansas
The Wild Hog formation is back for a second go around. They get a nice off week until they head to Tuscaloosa, where they will show us if they are stars or studs.

7. Alabama
I don’t know where to put my beloved Crimson Tide. For now I’ll put them here until we see how the game against Vanderbilt plays out.

8. South Carolina
Like Alabama, I need to see something else from South Carolina. I’ll put them here for now since they’re a little bit behind without their starting QB having a game under his belt. I just can’t read into that win against Louisiana-Lafayette. Do I need a website like Corso now?

9. Kentucky
Looked great against Eastern Kentucky. They could be a good team, but the stacked East division will keep them down somewhat.

10. Vanderbilt
Earl Bennett and company need a game where they make a statement if they are to rise in my poll. I’m praying in isn’t this coming weekend.

11. Ole Miss
Looked good early, but still had moments of previous O teams. I’m not sold on the QB.

12. Mississippi State
I don’t think I really need to say much here.


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