The Gut and I: Western Carolina

Before I get to posting, I found it interesting what Dennis Franchione wrote in the Tuscaloosa News.

Is it professional to write about gut feelings? Probably not. But, this is a blog and I’ve never said I’m the next Bill Lumpkin.

My Gut Says Alabama Wins

  • We out-maned WCU in pretty much everything including high profile injuries last time. Hopefully we’ll avoid the lose of a important player.
  • It’s Alabama vs. Western Carolina!

My Gut Says Alabama Losses

  • Alabama won’t lose. So, I’ll post what questions I have for the game.
    • How many receivers can catch the ball today?
    • How will Washington, McCullough, and Chapman handle their position?
    • Will Saban try the suit again? (I doubt it)
    • Will it rain?
    • Can the student section make it through the gates in time?
    • Why am I still coming up with questions?

Enjoy the game everyone!


2 Responses to “The Gut and I: Western Carolina”

  1. Mac Thomason Says:

    I really hate Leigh Tiffin. It’s wrong, I know, but he can’t kick. At all. I don’t know what Saban sees in him.

  2. WesCrimson Says:

    I was glad to see Lee Tiffin come back and have a good game. Still missed a couple of field goals,but he will improve.

    The secret cure is to score touchdowns and we won’t have to worry about a field goal kicker. He is a good extra point kicker.

    Sometimes I think Bama does better when he don’t have a good field goal kicker and have to score touchdowns.

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