Alabama 52-6 With Other Thoughts

SEC Scoreboard

Well, the Nick Saban era is underway with a victory again Western Carolina. Terry Grant was the star of the game as he had 149 total yards and 3 Touchdowns. The offense looked great from the start. John Parker Wilson did a fine job as well. I am still rather worried about the defense as we head into Nashville for the dreaded 11:30 am game. I noticed times where the tackling wasn’t up to par, so hopefully things will improve. I doubt anybody had a problem with coaching tonight, although it is difficult to criticize a coach who just won 52-6.Yes, I know it was just Western Carolina… but a good start nonetheless.

I’ll have more to say about the Alabama game later on in the week. 1-0!!!

The countdown until Lloyd Carr gets fired (or “retires”) has officially started. Will the Les Miles train decide to take the route towards Ann Arbor? Who knows, but I imagine it’ll be interesting to watch.


Auburn won 23-13 over Kansas State, although the game was so much closer than it looked. Tuberville had the look of a coach who knew he dodged a bullet during that game. I give Quenton Groves a ton of credit for figuring out that silent count, but KSU just shot themselves in the foot with well over 15 penalties. Brandon Cox got beat up in a hurry, which has to concern AU fans out there. But, don’t worry too much since he put together a nice drive to take the lead for good. I’m not one to take away credit from a team just because of a rivalry, but Kansas State gave the best performance.

One thing I learned tonight is that Michael Wilbon coaches Kansas State. Coach Wilbon needs to teach his team about penalties and dirty plays, as they committed both in abundance.

BTW, Earl Bennett and Chris Nickson connected 3 times tonight for TDs against Richmond. I just have a bad feeling about that game for some reason.


2 Responses to “Alabama 52-6 With Other Thoughts”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    It does seem that Les Miles will be headed home to Michigan soon. Especially if LSU does really well and Michigan does not.

    But I expect that Michigan will bounce back and be pretty good until they have to play Ohio State and Wisconsin. But then again, they could also stumble with Penn State, Michigan State and later in a bowl game. But even winning 8 or 9 games probably will not help Coach Carr’s long term employment chances.

  2. WesCrimson Says:

    Oh I don’t know about playing dirty, but in one instance KSU was wrongly penalized for tackling the Auburn runner by his shoulder pads because from the referee’s view it may have looked like he used the faceguard since the runner was swung around. That penalty certainly helped the Auburn scoring drive.

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