Time to Step Up

Before I get started, I feel that I must point out one of the funnier things I’ve seen in a while. Maybe it’s due to having to walk everywhere in the sweltering heat because the UA buses are too busy following each other instead of actually having a set pattern where people are able to ride them every 5 minutes…. I’m rambling now. Anywho, EveryDayShouldBeSaturday.com has provided the perfect actor to portray Nick Saban. I’m sure coach would agree that if you ain’t first, you’re last. Now, to the post at hand.

Well, today is gameday for certain schools out there. The biggest game tonight is LSU at Miss. State. It might not be the best opening game in recent memory, but it is the best game today so we’ll just have to live with it. There are players both on offense and defense that will need to step up for both LSU and MSU if they are to have what they consider to be successful seasons.


Offense- Matt Flynn. While he has a Peach Bowl whipping of Miami under his belt, Flynn is still a relatively unproven player. Certain Tiger fans felt that Flynn was the best QB on the team last year during the pre-season. Well, JaMarcus Russell won that battle and is now with the Oakland Raiders (maybe). Flynn may have the talent, but the question remains if he can lead this team through the SEC gauntlet on rout to the BCS Championship game. It certainly won’t hurt Flynn’s chances with that monstrous Bo Pelini defense covering his back, so he will have a good shot to be very successful. He just needs to limit his mistakes and prove that he can be the leader that LSU needs.

Defense- It’s extremely hard to find a weakness with the LSU Defense; arguably the best college football. The only area that may be of concern for LSU is on the right side of the D-line, where Rahim Alem and Tremaine Johnson will be splitting time. They replace Chase Pittman. Glenn Dorsey is the best player on the entire team, so don’t worry about whether or not he’ll be making the plays on the D-line. Baton Rouge is rich with talent on defense, so I don’t think this will cause much grief for the Tiger faithful.

Mississippi State

Offense- Michael Henig is the player that the Bullies need to shine this season. They have two steady Running Backs in Dixon and Elliott, but they will still have some major issues on offense. If Henig can stay healthy, make smart decisions, and inspire his team, the Bulldogs might just have a chance to win more than 3 games this season. I know most people are down on MSU, and rightfully so. But, there is some potential hidden deep in Starkville for a respectable season.

Defense- One of the better defensive players in the SEC, Titus Brown (DE) will be the verbal leader on the Defensive side. Will MSU’s offense has looked horrid at times over the last few years, the Dawg D has gotten better and better over time. If Mississippi State is to have any sort of success, the defense will have to step up in a big way. The best thing for MSU right now is confidence, and Brown needs to make sure that his teammates stay determined, focus, and strong. If not, expect another poor season for Mississippi State. This side of the ball should be decent at limiting the big plays.


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