Time to Step Up: The Review

Like OutsideTheSidelines said, I know I’m no LSU or MSU blogger, but I have some comments. We’ve all been so football deprived, most of us are just wanting something to analyze and discuss.

Mississippi State

Michael Henig- I don’t know where to begin with this guy. To give you an idea of how bad his night was, he threw 6 interceptions. What makes that number worse in the fact that he now has 67% of the INTs he threw in 2006. Is he the worst starting QB in the SEC? Well, I hate to make a statement like that after just one game, but he’s making a strong campaign for it. Besides, we still have to see how the Ole Miss QB does (no offense Hotty Todders). If Simeon Castille can’t get 2 INTs off of this guy, he isn’t trying hard enough. His biggest job now is the learn how to control his emotions, which can be tied to at least 3 of his interceptions. Score: F

Titus Brown- Probably the most gusty performance of the year for a Mississippi State player. He really stepped his game up big, chasing around Matt Flynn like he stole his wallet. He showed the leadership that MSU really needs, but he cannot do it all by himself. Let’s not ignore the troubles he gave that LSU O-line either. For full disclosure, I did go to high school with the guy; So yes, I am biased. But, you can’t deny that he was the best player of the game for the Bullies. Score: A-


Matt Flynn- Solid performance, but he really didn’t do anything that was super impressive. He calmed down from his first half jitters and put together a nice performance. His job at the start of the season will be keeping the mistakes to a minimum. I do like his running ability and his down field vision. He did well with what the defense game him, but he needs to develop a few more drives down the field in the future. Score: B

Rahim Alem and Tremaine Johnson – Both did well, but didn’t stand out; however, they really didn’t need to stand out with the performance the rest of the LSU defense gave us. I imagine they won’t have too much trouble fitting in. Score: B+

Random Thought: When Ryan Perrilloux isn’t breaking the law, he is an outstanding QB. I’m still amazed he is on that team, but this isn’t the time of the year to get into the police record of opposing players. I just wonder how long his “last chance” will last.


2 Responses to “Time to Step Up: The Review”

  1. Joe Blow Says:

    Don’t forget Jimmie Holmes when mentioning Titus. He was putting the pressure on Flynn as well, and recorded two sacks.

    What’s worse, Henig or the offensive play calling? I’ll go with “B”. MSU has one of the best backs in the SEC (Dixon), and he only got 13 touches last night. He only averaged 2.2 yards per carry, but the outcome could have been slightly different if he had more touches…notice I said slightly. My prediction was 42-3. Not too shabby.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    True, he should’ve gotten more touches. MSU has no business trying to run the West Coast offense.

    But I’ll stick with my opinion of Henig. He was just throwing the balls as hard as he could into double coverage hoping for the best.

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