I waited over an hour to get these suckers. After a long day of new classes and ridiculously long waits at the bus stops (25 minutes…. too busy taking a smoke Mr. driver?), getting to hold a set of student section season tickets makes it all worthwhile :


No, I’m not selling them unless I have another way to get to the games. (Sorry Hack)


3 Responses to “Tickets”

  1. Newspaper Hack Says:

    You rat bastard!

    Actually, if you know anybody that isn’t a total skeevy uber-capitalist prick and is willing to part with their ticket for $25-$45 bucks, let me know.

    I just saw a WCU student ticket go for $125 on the eBays, so I think I’ll be catching the game from The Houndstooth.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    I’ll try to look around. Most people I know that are selling tickets are planning to use that money to pay off a student loan, or something to that effect. So they’ll probably try to get as much as they can.

  3. WesCrimson Says:

    Oh no, the tickets appear connected all together. That means if you pull them apart they won’t be worth as much as a collector’s item anymore. 😦

    Well if you go to one game , you might as well go to them all. 🙂

    Finally the season and a new era draw near.

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