Two Levels of Media Relations

So, after this incident involving Simeon Castille, many Alabama fans are wondering what Saban’s reaction will be. It certainly won’t be too different from his response at SEC media days regarding the last legal problem. I am left wondering how the local and national media might react to Saban’s response regarding player discipline. I imagine they could be very different from one another.

First, I believe that the local media won’t get too outraged over Saban’s discipline system. The national media would probably be pretty critical, if they need something to talk about for hours on end. Why? Well, they have two completely different relationships with Coach Saban.

You see, the local media is still trying to land on Saban’s good side. Sure, you’ll have certain members of the media (Ex: Paul Finebaum) who have enough clout to question Saban throughout the year, but other than him and maybe a Cecil Hurt type, most of them came in feeling like they were on thin ice. They want to get on his good side so badly right now in order to get their scoops, many of them are willing to ignore whatever loud, indignant rant he throws their way. Whenever they feel that they’ve said too much, they slowly back off. This relationship reminds me of J.D. trying to impress Dr. Cox on the show “Scrubs”:

The national media is able to survive without Nick Saban. They have so many different stories out there, they don’t have to worry whether or not one coach gives them an interview. In fact, they’ll throw him under the bus over and over if it guarantees more viewers/readers. They are willing to fire back at the man who they feel tried to make life for their buddies in Miami a living hell. Of course, whenever Saban does belittle the national boys, they internalize it and hold that rage for their next chance to criticize Nick Saban. This relationship reminds me of how Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox react to one another:

Why all of the “Scrubs” referencing? Well, I’m a big fan of the show and I happened to be randomly searching through YouTube as I normally do. I promise you I won’t make a “SEC Schools: Scrubs Edition” post. Not to say I hate TV show comparisons, I just feel that I would do a measurably poor job at it. So, to reiterate: The local media is secretly admiring Saban, hoping to get “in” someday. The national media has more experience with Saban, and they don’t really need him to do their jobs. So, they throw him and everyone else under the bus when beneficial for them.


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