Police Report

The police report regarding Simeon Castille has been released. CLICK HERE if you feel like giving it a look over.

Here is my brief overview of what happened:

  • The Tuscaloosa Police Officer heard the F-word about a block away, and turned to see Simeon jumping up and down, challenging someone in a green SUV to wrestle/fight.
  • The Officer saw that since the SUV was stopped, traffic was turning into a problem. So, he went over and got Castille.
  • Simeon did not resist arrest at all, claiming that he was just messing around with teammates.
  • The Officer then talked to Sgt. McMillian of the UAPD, asking him if UAPD should contact Coach Saban.
  • He was informed he was being charged with Disorderly Conduct. This was all done in the middle of “The Strip” in front of Crimson Cafe.
  • They put Simeon into the police car and took him to the Police Station where he was held for a few hours.
  • Castille was worried about what this would do to his draft status, appearing to be crying against the wall in the cell.

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