Jeremiah Castille Comments On Charges

Jeremiah Castille, father of recently arrested Alabama football player Simeon Castille, has commented on his son’s situation:

Simeon Castille’s father said that he believes his son’s arrest early Sunday morning on the Strip in Tuscaloosa on a charge of disorderly conduct “wasn’t warranted” and that he hopes the charge will be dismissed as early as today.

“We’re working on it right now to where hopefully this thing will be dismissed,” Jeremiah Castille told The Birmingham News this morning. “Based on what we’ve been told by witnesses who were there, an arrest for disorderly conduct wasn’t warranted.”

Interesting. But wait, there is more:

Jeremiah Castille, who also played football at Alabama, said he’s spoken to his son since the arrest.
“He knows how I’ve instructed him on where he needs to be at that time of the morning,” Castille said. “You need to be at home. Being at that place at that time of morning is not where you need to be.

“We tell him there’s a responsibility that comes with what you do.”

So, maybe the internet message board rumors are true? We’ll see where this takes us.

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