The University of Alabama ranks tied for 91st in the America’s Best Colleges list. Why that is a little lower than last year, there is good news. Not only did we beat Auburn and Tennessee, but we’re in soul possession of being the highest ranked college in the state of Alabama (Samford is 118th). We can defend our role as “The Capstone” just a little bit longer. Just, uh… don’t brag about this to any ACC fans.

Here are the SEC schools on the list:

1. Vanderbilt University (19th)

2. University of Florida (49th)

3. University of Georgia (59th)

4. University of Alabama (91st)

5. Auburn University (96th tie)

5. University of Tennessee (96th tie)

7. University of South Carolina (112th)

8. University of Kentucky (122th)

9. University of Arkansas (124th)

Not on the list: Mississippi, Mississippi State, Louisiana State

On another note, I somehow feel that I should point out that I was the first Bama fan to make a Bear Bryant-Sigourney Weaver joke. It is still funny nonetheless.


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