The Required 756 Post

So Barry Bonds has finally done it. The San Francisco Giant slugger has passed Hank Aaron’s record of 755 home runs. Is a * required? Some say yes, others say no.

* : The artist formerly known as Barry Bonds?

All I know is Mike Bacsik (Nationals pitcher) needs a hug because he may have to hear about this for a long, long time. Bacsik’s head immediately sunk when he saw Bonds hit that ball. It certainly wasn’t the best pitch I’ve ever seen (Bacsik would probably agree with me). For those of you wondering, Hank Aaron his 715 against Al Downing. Maybe Al should give Mike a phone call.

Watch closely as the slugger stalks his prey.

Matt Murphy from Queens, New York caught #756. There are two things strange about his story: A) He and a buddy were going to Australia and had to stay the night in San Fran. They decided to buy the tickets on a whim. B) The guy is a Mets fan! He was wearing a New York Mets jersey when he caught the ball.

BTW, an anti-steroids commercial just came on during the Giants-Nats game. Irony, thy name is ESPN 2.

As for the steroids allegations, all I can say is this. While they are important in the grand scheme of things, they don’t mean a thing tonight. Give Bonds a few days of glory before raking him over the coals. And yes, I do believe he used steroids.


One Response to “The Required 756 Post”

  1. Stat Boy Says:

    Friend of mine did some interesting analysis the other day – of all players in the 500 club, only Bonds, McGwire, Williams, Aaron, and Palmiero actually improved their HR/AB statistic as they aged. In fact, when Bonds was younger than 36, it took an average of 15.7 AB’s per home run, while beyond 36 he only required ~9.6. Now some things improve with age, but those things generally aren’t athletes in their mid 30’s.

    If you truly believe he took steroids, why would you celebrate his “accomplishment”?

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