What The Weekend Gave Us

I hope everybody is doing well today. This may be a busy week for me, so the blogging will be played by ear until Friday morning. Here are a few interesting tidbits from this past weekend…

  • In SEC East news, Steve Spurrier is ticked at an admissions snafu that left two recruits high and dry. While Steve seems to be trying to act like he isn’t ticked off with Dr. Sorenson (former UA President, now USC President), I imagine he isn’t exactly happy with the man.
  • It appears that I’ve indirectly become included in a friendly, yet passionate, tête à tête between The Joe Cribbs Car Wash (Post 1, Post 2), and DawgSports.com (Post 1, Post 2). Hey, I’ve never complained about getting praise before, even if it is used for a slam. 🙂
  • The team appears to be heading in the right direction in terms of conditioning, which is a big news for most Alabama fans. We all know that the Shula/Saban comparison is the main reason behind this article. You have to admit that the players do act a good bit happier with their conditioning results so far. They apparently look better too:

    A mere glance at the players is all it takes to some of the difference.

    Andre Smith is still a 6-foot-5, 340-pound sophomore left tackle, but his weight distribution is vastly different.

    Sophomore running back Glenn Coffee went into last season weighing 225 pounds, but is now down to 197.

    Senior defensive end Wallace Gilberry is roughly at the same size (6-3, 267), but looks bigger.

  • Finally, if you like banjo music and Alabama football, this is your lucky day. A video clip of the fan day autograph session from the Birmingham News:

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