Coffee & Saban

Coach Saban made an appearance this morning on the Fox 6 morning show with Rick Karle and Paul Finebaum. The segments were taped at Karle’s house, where Saban not only got to coach Mr. Finebaum, but also got to experience some freshly cooked breakfast food.

It was really good to see Saban cracking jokes in a relaxed environment. I think this helps to show that while Saban may be an intense man on the sideline, he is a pretty nice guy away from football.

For the opening interview, CLICK HERE.

The second segment is Coach Saban teaching Paul Finebaum how to cover a receiver in Karle’s yard. Saban gets to show off some of his coaching, which I’m sure just sent the message board into hysteria. Even though I appreciate Mr. Finebaum being a good sport, I don’t think he’ll ever be the first player picked in a game of backyard football anytime soon: Saban coaching Finebaum

After the football, the crew headed into the house where they were treated to some fresh breakfast. Coach Saban jokingly gave us a hint about what he may wear on the sidelines in a few weeks. All I can say is Lord help us all if he ever actually wore that: Breakfast time


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