Crimson & White Roundtable: Superstar Edition

Welcome to another installment of the Crimson and White Roundtable. This week, Capstone Report is hosting the event. He only has one question this time, but asked for 2 answers:

The University and its football fans have a lot of negative stereotypes
associated with the Crimson Tide. What are two things you wish outsiders
(non-Alabama fans) knew about the Crimson Tide and its fans?

So please feel free to click the link and see what we had to say. CR always brings some good stuff to the table, as do the rest of the Bama bloggers. He’s the rock star of Bama bloggers with all of those links and such. He’s even received kudos from Paul Finebaum multiple times. He’s not just a rock superstar, he’s a blog superstar.


So you wanna be a blog superstar, and post large
a big Imac, 5 bars, you’re in charge
comin’ up in the web, don’t trust no body
gotta look over your typos constantly


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