Mike Vick: Biggest NFL Bust Is A Possibility

If the charges are true, as most people seem to think they are, will we ever see Michael Vick in the NFL again? I say there is a 99.99% chance of the answer being No.

If this is the case, what current or former player should be the happiest about Mike Vick leaving the NFL for good? Mr. Ryan Leaf:


If Vick is out of the NFL for good, Mr. Leaf will no longer be the biggest bust/ waste of talent in the history of the NFL. Mike Vick has the tools to be an amazing playmaker, but he has wasted all of it on dog fighting. Mix that in with an iffy passer rating and you have yourself a mix for the biggest bust in NFL history… which is adding insult to injury to Michael Vick.

But, it isn’t like Michael Vick is a victim in any way, so I’ll be glad to talk about him being the biggest NFL bust for years to come. Besides, it is time to give Ryan Leaf a break. After all, he did give Mike Price a place to crash after being let go at Alabama.

Michael Vick: Busted in more ways than one


5 Responses to “Mike Vick: Biggest NFL Bust Is A Possibility”

  1. gorjus Says:

    There’s a pretty big difference between the substance of the indictment being “true” and the ability of the prosecution to obtain a conviction. At least one sports-law scholar thinks that’s unlikely:


  2. seth Says:

    They are saying that he will return so haha and don’t count your chickens before they hatch… he might come back but to return for a running back and i know that he probably shouldn’t but he really deserves a second chance

  3. seth Says:

    you guys need to start updating all of your information its gettin really old no wonder no one likes this site any more thats my recemendation vick is possibly the best running quarterback in the history of the nfl

  4. johnny Says:

    ya, good call about him not playing again. 99.99 percent chance he won’t? good call

  5. deez nuts Says:

    Hahah the author is a dumbass.

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