Is Saban A Hired Gun?

In theory, the answer is yes. In the game of college football today, most coaches are.

I know that certain people will throw out how a coach is also supposed to nurture young men and support a community after reading this post, and I wouldn’t disagree with them. But, even if a coach does a mediocre job concerning off the field discipline and community service, it isn’t too important in the scheme of things. the only things that an athletic department cares about are wins and losses.

Take Phil Fulmer for example. He developed a bad image after having well over 10 arrests in a year and a half. Was that the main reason UT fans wanted Phil Fulmer gone? Nope. It was that ugly 5-6 season they endured in 2005. Shula wasn’t that great with discipline either. But, most fans really would not have cared too much had Alabama gone to a New Years Day bowl.

Am I saying that discipline, community service, and overall public image don’t matter? Not at all. I will feel relieved when Saban issues firm punishments for the 3 arrested players. Many fans take great pride in a program with a tough disciplinary policy. But, let’s not pretend that these topics are what Alabama fans – or all fans in general – crave the most. Most fans want to be able to talk about beating Auburn, Tennessee, or any other team they don’t like.

Money also plays a part in this as well. With the increases in TV deals, bowl payouts, and overall marketability, money is the name of the game for most programs. What brings in money? Winning. Even though the SEC does share it money evenly, the point is still valid. Fan desire bragging rights, but programs desire money.

When it comes to zero discipline and poor community relations, those are almost coaching misdemeanors. Losing is a federal offense. Winning can forgive all…. until the next bad season.


I apologize for the opinion post being fairly short. Real life is keeping me busy.


2 Responses to “Is Saban A Hired Gun?”

  1. TonyOrlando Says:

    Amen. Dubose was a goner until he beat Florida and started climbing the polls. Everything, from discipline problems to personal indiscretions, are amplified in the light of a losing season.

  2. Newspaper Hack Says:

    There’s a good political corollary here. It’s been said that without the oil crisis and stagflation, Nixon would have survived Watergate. Like a major Division I football program, all can be forgiven if the engine’s hitting on all cylinders. If not, the crown will rest uneasy.

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