Let’s Do It!!!

As Todd from Roll Bama Roll points out, the game between Alabama and UTEP in 2008 has been called off. Woo!

I hope Saban’s mentality of scheduling one good OOC opponent wins out in the scheduling battle. Todd has proposed a list of opponents that could technically work out if the two athletic departments are actually able to agree to something.

I back the Todd proposal 100%, and I think you should too. If we cannot get anybody better than UTEP, then the 2008 home schedule will be just as bad as the 2006 home schedule, if not worse. So, go tell everyone you can to support the Todd proposal so we can get this done! Any team mentioned in by Todd would please the Bryant-Denny crowd.


Eight In The Box has joined in as well.


Because life is too short to have a boring schedule


3 Responses to “Let’s Do It!!!”

  1. Todd Says:

    Amusingly, that’s a picture of a Bocephus impersonator. So, I guess it’s kind of fitting.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    I guess you’re right. I just found the most Uncle Sam like picture I could find lol.

    It takes a true Hank man to spot that.

  3. bamahoops Says:

    That sucks, but I understand why from UTEP’s side.
    I’m one of the few fans that really liked the CMP hire. I still think he would’ve done well here.

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