Random Humor

I have an exam coming up soon, so I will probably be spending most of the day studying. But, this doesn’t mean I should ignore the old blog. So, here are a few things I’ve found that are pretty funny to me.

This first clip is of Mike Leach of Texas Tech doing the weather for Lubbock, Texas. The picture quality isn’t that great, but “you’re gonna be dead in a hundred years anyway, so live dangerously.” He’s the best football personality nobody knows about in my opinion.

The next cartoon is provided by Grey Blackwell. I think BamaHoops will like this one the most (click the picture):

Speaking of Blackwell, this next clip is from Rivals.com. I imagine a President Reggie Bush would be popular (click the picture):



2 Responses to “Random Humor”

  1. Watchman Says:

    Don’t you think there’s enough corruption and money changing hands under various tables in Washington already without sending Reggie Bu$h?

  2. TideDruid Says:

    True. The only arguement I could use is that he wouldn’t need a booster to pay for an apartment for him and his family since he’d stay in the White House. So I guess that would limit SOME of the R. Bush corruption.

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