I Think The Hoover Probe May End Soon

Why? Well, they’ve spent $16,665 for the first five days of the investigation. Sam Pointer did give them a discount. But still, you have to wonder how long the Hoover Board is willing to keep writing checks for these interviews.

Pointer’s law firm applied a discount of $2,921.25 for the June bill. In a letter to Superintendent Andy Craig, Pointer said he did not charge for interviews when more than two attorneys participated, brief telephone calls and consultations among the attorneys.

The most expensive interview was $1,980 for a joint session in which the firm spoke with two people. All but one of the eight interview sessions exceeded $1,000. Interviews ran between 1½ and three hours, according to the bill.

The four attorneys handling the investigation are charging hourly rates of $350, $325, $290 and $250. The amount of time an attorney stays during a conference or interview varies.

Pointer is hinting towards having some information at the end of the month. But, he won’t be finished by then. If they get a good enough answer by the end of July, I think they’ll end it then and there. After that, they’ll release what Pointer found and go on their merry ways.


One Response to “I Think The Hoover Probe May End Soon”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    I really cannot wait for the book, no not Harry Potter, the story exposing Hoover High Athletics.

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