Videos of Things With Stuff

This is what happens when worlds collide… and Rudy Griffin disses Smokey. There is a shot of the AAFL logo at the end, so I’m not really sure what this is all about. Could Griffin be trying out for the AAFL?

As it turns out, he is trying out for the AAFL in Orlando, Florida. Rudy goes on to discuss his feelings about Alabama football with another former Tide player Lance Taylor. Doug Dickey and Jim Donnan were there as well.

Later on (or maybe before, it is hard to tell with these clips) Lance Taylor talks about himself and his love for Bama as well. I hope these two make the AAFL…. if the AAFL actually turns into a real league.

Next, we have an Alabama fan –who goes by the name “Big Jim”– checking out the AAFL tryouts. Big Jim ain’t much for talkin’ when it comes to Saban, no Sir. He lets his t-shirt do that.

This video has nothing to do with Alabama or football in general. It does leave me wondering what it has to do with vodka, so it is worth posting during July.


One Response to “Videos of Things With Stuff”

  1. jimmy Says:

    those are my two favorite members of the tide: lance and rudy…couple of walk ons who kicked butt!

    and as for smokey … the only way i want him touching anything to do with anything from tenneess is a forerm to the chest..

    roll tide!

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